When it comes to managing online stores, one of the best methods is to use Amazon as the primary selling platform. While it’s possible to manage an online store without the help of one of the most popular shopping platforms, there is little reason not to give it a shot, especially since it can help online store owners realize their store’s potential without risk. Things get even easier with the help of search engine optimization (SEO), specifically Amazon SEO.

That said, it can be somewhat confusing to try to figure out SEO, especially for those with barely any experience on the matter. There are eight various ways to handle Amazon SEO for those who want to get started right away.

1. Getting the product title right

For those that want to get a good start, it all has to do with optimizing the product title. Ideally, it should include elements such as the brand, product line, type, color, size, packaging, and more. It’s all meant to help the Amazon algorithm list the online store’s products.

2.Relevant keywords go first

While extra keywords are welcome when listing products, the most relevant keywords should always go first. It is not just something to help with the algorithm but also to ensure that online users understand what the store is selling.

3.Keyword stuffing is no longer a valid strategy

For those that know how to make good use of keywords, it can be easy to rank products higher. However, one of the most popular strategies from back in the day — keyword stuffing — is no longer an effective method. Instead, ensure that there is a reason for the keywords in the product title.

4.Explain the product with bullet points

Bullet points don’t necessarily make as big a difference when it comes to attracting. The Amazon algorithm, but it does affect how often online users will purchase the product. A product with bullet listings about relevant features has a much better chance of being sold than products with a messy description.

5.Watching out for products that run out of stock

One thing to consider is the quantity of a product. If a product runs out of stock too often — even if it is a good problem to have — the algorithm might rank it lower on the list as a result.

6.How to handle product descriptions with Amazon SEO

It would be ideal to explain as much as possible without bombarding online users with walls of text. That said, there’s no reason the store owner can’t sneak in some relevant keywords in the description. Typically, the best thing to do is to tell a story with the product.

7.The number of sales is the number one priority

The Amazon algorithm will undoubtedly take notice of products experiencing a good amount of sales and conversions. That said, having enough products and making sure it doesn’t go out of stock ensures that the product is ranked as highly as possible.

8.Product reviews can make a significant difference

Last but certainly not least, the number of reviews listed with the product can help store owners rank much higher through Amazon SEO. It’s never a bad idea to encourage Amazon users to leave reviews, such as sending messages for reviews when someone purchases the product. The more the reviews, the easier it will be for people to trust the product, leading to them buying other items from the same store.

Online store owners have plenty of opportunities to succeed with the help of Amazon SEO. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and consistency to get the job done.