The category of stores of this article includes grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores, butchers, fishmongers, poultry-egg shops, coffee shops, milk and confectionery stations, non-selling pastry shops liquor stores (wine cellars), butcher shops, oil and cooking fat stations and any other similar store.


A grocery store is the store in which all items of food and beverages in general are sold. Except for the items referred to in the following subparagraph, as well as the items not related to the food specified below.

Allowed to be sold in grocery stores

Fresh or frozen meat, poultry and fish. – Fruits and vegetables, except nuts, potatoes and onions. Other than confectionery pastries (jams, compotes, pastries, Turkish delights, chocolate chip cookies, etc.)and standard chocolate, caramel and biscuit products. Bulk milk, bottled pasteurized milk and traditional yogurt. Bakery products, except those permitted by the applicable Market Regulations.

As an exception to the above, the sale in grocery stores of standard frozen meat, poultry, game, fish, herbs, etc. Suitably packed in plastic bags or other permitted packaging, provided. That these items are offered in small quantities and there is more than enough space in the store. To place the necessary items, specific to each item,

freezer compartments. Grocery stores are also allowed to sell personal hygiene and cleaning items in general (all kinds of soaps, detergents, sponges, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, etc.). Air fresheners, State Monopoly items, alcohol, spirits, alcohol, insecticides. Including mollusks in truly airtight containers, frozen meat (whole carcasses or parts thereof of warm-blooded animals and birds suitable for human consumption). As well as offal (carcasses, tongue, head, etc.). The butcher shop is also allowed to sell cold cuts. Which are made in legally operated butchers and are offered in whole pieces.

Poultry shop – egg shop is the store in which slaughtered poultry, etc.

Birds fresh and frozen as well as eggs.

Fish shop is the shop, in which fresh and frozen fish are sold, as well as catches g. Milk and confectionery station is the store, in which pasteurized bottled milk, sterilized milk, dehydrated milk (evaporated) and condensed milk (sugar) are sold in boxes, dairy products (except cheeses), eggs, eggs or , according to par. 14 of article 39 of the present, and sweets, products of chocolate, caramel and biscuit making, pastries, bottled drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, etc. h. Pure confectionery is the store in which all confectionery.

Items are sold, made in this factory or coming from legally operating workshops or factories. As well as bottled alcoholic beverages and bottled or bottled fruit juices. An instant ice cream making and dispensing machine can also be installed in this store. Pure dairy is the store that sells pasteurized bottled milk, sterilized milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk (sugar). In cans, even bulk milk, for areas where pasteurization has not been imposed. As well as all kinds of dairy products, prepared in a brewery or coming from legally operating factories or laboratories and cheese products, eggs, ice cream standard or in bulk, standard confectionery and chocolate, biscuit and confectionery products, as well as various baked goods. An instant ice cream making and dispensing machine can also be installed in this store.