The client tells us: I tried to build the garden on my own, but the construction of a garden, either in a house, or a garden construction on a balcony, or a garden lawn construction, or a roof garden construction requires the necessary knowledge and I asked for help from a professional agronomist.

“Kipouros-athina” was created by executives with 20 years of activity and experience in the field of greenery – garden maintenance & construction and technical constructions.

The love for the species and the restless spirit for new creations worked the executives of “kipouros-athina” to offer the best in the study and construction of gardens, terraces and green rooms.

Our goals

Upgrading our products through continuous research of materials and products in foreign companies.

Daily upgrade of our services through continuous training and supervision of staff as well as the right choice of tools and equipment.

Quality, consistency, reliability and affordable prices with the best result for your service.

* The study and construction of your space that will make it unique and will be an example to imitate.

* Our design concerns to produce original materials to become a pole of attraction in Greece and abroad.

Finally, our goal is our original way of working and thinking to be established. In the Greek community of the green space, so that it has nothing to envy from constructions abroad.

Our goal as gardeners in a garden is to ignore the seasons, so that in every season there are flowering plants.

To adapt the style of the garden to the preferences and requirements of each client, i.e. the garden, the style, to simulate and imitate nature, with the plants being allowed to grow more freely. In the garden there should be a strictness and order, or in the garden there should be straight shapes and haircuts and strict geometric planting shapes.

We can make from rock gardens with cacti, to lawns or ponds with water plants, papyri and water lilies.

Our purpose, therefore, is to help each customer in their thinking about the garden. The style, and to “paint” it together practically. Whether it is a plot, a yard, a terrace or just a balcony!


Garden maintenance is not something that is done by an unskilled worker or just mowing the lawn or collecting leaves and dry branches. To maintain, cultivate and develop all the natural organisms that live and breathe in your garden requires special care, knowledge, skills and agricultural education.

The approach of “kipouros-athina” is to develop and maintain each garden healthy and robust to ensure longevity and maintain its timeless beauty.

As professional gardeners, we know very well that each client and each garden has different requirements. Therefore, our proposals and the Maintenance Plan are submitted after an on-site meeting and inspection of your garden, based on the needs and financial possibilities. Of course, the garden does not have to be created by the company in order to maintain it.

Main features of the operation of the Maintenance Department are:

The faithful observance of the studied and agreed maintenance program which can be in weekly, 15-five-day, monthly or even more regular intervals.

The constant contact and full information of the owner about the day, time and work report of each visit. And c) if necessary, the workshop will do what it can to take care of a garden, even on weekends or holidays.

Maintenance Services include

  • Horticultural Tips
  • Transplanting plants
  • Inspection and maintenance of the irrigation system
  • Lawn mowing, lubrication and spraying
  • Pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Cleaning of dried flowers and leaves
  • Fertilization and spraying for all plant species
  • Advice on pests and plant diseases
  • Supports for all plant species
  • Removal of weeds manually or by chemical means

Maintenance and repair of decorative elements


Plant protection products are natural and chemical substances used for

effective control of plant pests. They are high products

technology, which fight the various organisms that adversely affect them

crops (insects, fungi, mites, nematodes, weeds, etc.)


Insecticides fight insects that infect various

parts of plants (leaves, fruits, roots). Such insects are aphids, trips, the

worms, the lite, the flea, the fruit capsule, the Mediterranean fly, the leafhoppers, the

leafhoppers, the anuria, the fruit capsule, the Eufemia, the conch, the carnation, the dikes, the

floury, green worms etc.


Fungicides fight the various fungal diseases that

infect all parts of plants. (Shakti, Downy mildew, Botrytis, Rust,

Fusarium, etc.)


Herbicides control weeds that grow and compete with crops for water, fertilizer, air and light. One of the most dangerous phenomena of our time in which most of us, unknowingly many times do not give the necessary importance. Is the uncontrolled and careless use of pesticides by people without the necessary experience and sensitivity.

There are now preparations with very good results from their use, which make the use of chemical drugs and fertilizers unnecessary.

Our teams with the guidance of an agronomist can supply you with the appropriate biological fertilizers or biological drugs. Depending on the case and the need of your space and at the same time undertake. Their implementation both in the context of a maintenance cooperation. That we may have, as well as individually at a flat rate.

The organic products we use are certified by the EU. licensed for use in home and amateur applications and fully cover most of the cases we encounter in home tissue gardening.

We fight diseases and take care of the healthy growth of plants in a biological way, reducing the side effects both in the environment and in us and our family.

automatic watering

We manufacture responsibly, automatic garden watering, automatic lawn watering, automatic pot watering, automatic watering for pots, automatic vegetable garden watering with the best automatic watering accessories.