This Will Open Cafes Bars And Restaurant

On Monday, May 25, the activities of restaurant, café and bar services resume, as a result of which the reduction of VAT on catering comes closer.

The president of GSEVEE for the “restart” in the restaurant

The president of GSEVEE and POESE Mr. George Kavitha’s pointed out in the show “Society Hour MEGA”. That it was obvious that the restaurant would open earlier than June 1 due to the gatherings that existed in squares and beaches.

With the opening of the stores, he noted, everything will be under control and things will work better and safer.

Mr. Kavitha’s referred to the measures for the distances in the table seats and noted. That there have been significant improvements on the part of the government.

Thus, with the new improvement proposals. The capacity of restaurant will reach 70% -80% from 30% calculated according to the original proposals for measures.

It is estimated, however, that about 20% of businesses may not open at all and this mainly concerns stores that do not have outdoor spaces.

Mr. Kavitha’s also referred to the reduction of municipal fees but also to the discussion. That is taking place for the allocation of additional space in the shops by the municipalities.

He expressed reservations about the latter. As he said, conditions of unfair competition between similar companies may be created.

What is the minimum distance between the tables

The minimum distance between the tables, according to the arrangement of the seats, should be from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm. Please note that the maximum number of people allowed to sit at a table is six. However, there is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

Health stores may operate indoors and outdoors under certain conditions.

The possibility of using the indoor semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides. The space with an opening in contact with an outdoor outdoor space or patio. Depending on the opening of the side, the space can be used in depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening. Determined as the minimum distance between the tables. According to the arrangement of the seats from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm-Maximum allowed number of six (6) people sitting at a table. There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

Finally, depending on the position of the staff. There is an obligation to use a face mask or shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.

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